Beware the scam! Don't be caught off guard! ---------------> 678-769-5625(LOCK)

Scam Locksmiths are literally everywhere. There is no City, County, or State known to us that is safe from this Nightmare.

Please read on for more information and enter "locksmith scam your city" into your Search Engine of choice to educate and confim these statements yourself.

Check out BBB.ORG for a report on these phoney locksmiths. Although the article was written in 2007, the nation wide swindle described within, is still prevalent today and has in fact actually grown at an alarming rate.

The safest practice, is simply to do your research before you ever need a locksmith. Look online, call around, ask as many questions as you need (i.e. pricing-FIRM & CLEAR, location, etc). If you're not happy, you cannot understand clearly, or it just doesn't seem right; move on to the next one.

Do not give out your specific address (major nearby intersection or landmarks are enough to gauge your location) unless you are satisfied and intend to hire them.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has a consumer information site you can read which gives additional insight into these safe practices.