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"I needed a new proximity fob with key for my 2015 Genesis. Dealers were quoting me $450.00. That seemed ridiculous to me so I reached out to Davidson Lock and Key who quoted me $225.00.  I was a little skeptical but Davidson Lock and Key did what they said they would do using a OEM fob. I appreciate the way the transaction was handled."
-M. York, Lawrenceville, GA ---- August 2018

"I want to thank Philip for doing an excellent job. I needed a remote key fob programmed for my car. Not only did he meet me on my schedule but he fixed it quickly. Thanks for a job well done! Have a blessed day."
-J. McFarland, Lawrenceville, GA ---- January 2016

"I accidently locked my son in the car when I was dropping him off at our sitters house, so I did a quick Google search for the nearest locksmith. When I mentioned that I had a child locked in the car he dropped everything and rushed over! He was there in less than 10 minutes and quickly got inside my Tundra. I wasn't aware at the time that Philip doesn't charge when a child is involved, how awesome is that? He was very professional and knowledgeable and I can't thank him enough for providing a great service. I'll definitely be calling him if I need lock or key services in the future and you should too."
-P. Grimes, Lawrenceville, GA ---- January 2016

"I locked my only key fob in the trunk of my VW bug on a Saturday in Sugar Hill. Philip arrived in 20 minutes, was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He knew the risks of that situation and informed me ahead of time that even though he could get my doors open, that my type of car may prevent me from accessing the trunk. He got my door open in two minutes and I was able to access the trunk through the pass through. Wonderful service and if I'm ever in the need for a professional, legitimate locksmith, he will be my first call! Thank you Philip!"
-A. Wilkinson, Sugar Hill, GA ---- December 2015

"We just bought a beautiful property in the Buford area in N L'ville and wanted our locks re-keyed asap after closing on the house so we called a nearby well-known company (Lock South) our realtor had mentioned (He's been in the business for decades, knows every major player and many businesses and has pointed us in the direction of some great service providers.). They couldn't come out as early as we wanted them to so they referred us to Davidson Lock & Key as a business to contact as a possibility. Philip came out promptly, kept in touch on the phone, and did a great job, including pointing out things about the locks in our house we didn't know about (lock geek things this guy was clearly knowledgeable about and enthusiastic about). We knew a lot about Schlage and other brands by the time he was done. He worked very hard, was friendly, and didn't charge some ridiculous price. On a later date when we managed to lock ourselves out, when Philip couldn't come, they gave us another locksmith's name and they were able to come quickly and let us in. I have Davidson Lock & Key's phone number in my phone and I've already recommended him to a couple of other people. Paying was quick and easy and the guy is clearly earnest about his work and as clear about what he's doing and transparent as possible. He's now our go-to locksmith for our home or if we lock ourselves out of our vehicles."
-Z. Lauriault, Lawrenceville, GA ---- November 2015

"Philip Davidson came and helped me replace all of the locks on my office and installed new, secure locks in every room and added additional security to my office entry door. His pricing was very reasonable, his service was excellent. I also used his services to replace the locks at my house. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a good, honest locksmith."
-H. Shurek, Buford, GA ---- April 2014

"Philip was recommended to me by my sister who had used him in the past and was very pleased. For security reasons, I needed all my outside locks changed, and he was able to come over quickly and change them for me. His price was very reasonable. I will recommend Philip to anyone looking for a locksmith."
-J. Layne, Buford, GA ---- September 2013

"Thank you so much for taking care of my little brother! I live out of state and, when he called me for help when he locked his keys in his truck, you got there quickly, provided outstanding service, and at a better price than any of your competition! Hands down, the best locksmith I have ever dealt with!! Will recommend you to anyone in your area!"
-J. Birdwell, Lawrenceville, GA ---- June 2013

"I called Davidson Lock & Key to install a new deadbolt at the front door, as there wasn't one! Not only did Philip respond in a timely manner, but he cleaned up completely, which you don't always find anymore, AND my little dog loved him! I highly recommend Davidson L&K for anything you need, they are fast, friendly & reliable, not to mention reasonable rates."
-A. Spell, Buford, GA ---- January 2012

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